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Shining facades, clean windows, cultivated soils, cleanness in your real estate, your administration-offices or in your whole company!

Your request is our challenge!


The long lasting and passionate lived philosophy of facility cleaning services makes the ZABEL GROUP a reliable and competent partner.



The ZABEL GROUP is your preferred service provider, which uses optimal and resource-saving cleaning processes in order to maintain the value of your properties.



The ZABEL GROUP is one of the leading providers of facility services in Germany. With over 23 years of experience in the universal facility management and many thousands of qualified employees we arrange and implement a competent and customised service for your property, real estate, company or your office.



The customers of the ZABEL GROUP include industry and trading, government authorities, banks and insurance companies, institutions of health care and housing enterprises or private real estate – and hopefully we soon can number you among these!



With extraordinary performance and personal commitment of all employees of the ZABEL GROUP we can ensure customer satisfaction and best references in each of the areas of integrated facility management: 


·         Commercial facility management 

·         Infrastructural facility management 

·         Technical facility management 

·         In-time facility management 

·         In-store facility management 

·        Innovative facility management   

·         Individual performance 

·         Industrial construction 

·         Industrial service 

·         Industrial technology 


The ZABEL GROUP is available round-the-clock on 365 days the year - get yourself a picture of us. 


Get your offer: info(at) or by phone: 0201-75858 361 / 360



The ZABEL GROUP networks services (e.g. Universal facility management), creates innovative and individual product solutions and offers industry-sector-specific services through standardized processes, targeted project management and qualified complete solutions.


How to contact us!


+49 (201) 75858-0

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